About Us

I Mr.Vishnu. M. Mane , born in a small village Ambap of Kolhapur District of Maharashtra state, in year 1981 in a farmer’s family. At the time of HSC, I was attracted towards the concept of hypnotism, which was held in my village by Dr.S.Patil in year 1999.

As the concept of hypnotism was very attractive and from that moment i decided to learn about the subject in deep, and i started learning about it from year 1999 and am still learning about it, applying my knowledge for betterment of mankind.

During this learning period, i observed and learned many different techniques, from the Masters of Hypnotism worldwide. about 100’s of books and novels of different authors were read by me simultaneously.


A human body if divided can be classified into three parts.First is physical body which contains all organs which is called as hardware in computer language.Second is brain also called as processor which holds control of whole body. Third is memory which contains soft programs also called as software’s.

I am going to describe in detail about all the above parts and their relations between each other.

We do hypnotize, means we create disconnections between brain (processor) and softwares. This stage of disconnection is called as hypnotized stage.

The procedure of making this disconnection between brain and memory is called as hypnotism or in other words the procedure of taking person from consciousness to unconsciousness state is called as hypnotism.


From last 14 years I am studying this subject and during this learning procedure I have gone through several expertise literature about this subject which made me knowledgeable and because of this knowledge only I am able to perform 448 number of stage shows for entertainment. All these are from small stage to big auditorium and this is one of my achievements in my life.

When I came to know about the requirement of hypnotherapy or need of hypnotherapy. I decided to provide hypnotherapy for needed persons from middle and lower class. As needy persons from middle and lower middle class cannot afford fees of famous hypnotherapist so considering today’s need I started giving therapy sessions from December 2010. Now I am feeling proud to say that around thousands of people are benefited till today. All my clients are happy and some of their appreciation letters are attached here. This is also one of my achievements.

Now I am not only working on hypnotism entertainment but also working as motivational entertainer. On 14 June 2015 I have performed one motivational show that is “Success”. The feedback which I have received through this show was very impressive. After which I have decided to perform the same show all over Maharashtra.

Due to my continuous efforts and learning this subjects,I awarded Doctorate in hyponotherepy by Vishwakarma University in Nov.2015.