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1 Year, 20 Sessions, 10 Activities.

Aim Power, treats autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and disease by working directly with the mind (i.e. challenging emotions, personality and unresolved past events) and its effects on the body and health). Some people expects a little apprehensive about considering hypnotherapy and mid brain activities as a treatment, usually because of mis-conceptions by what they have seen on the television or in films.  But when you think about the benefits that can come from Hypnosis you’ll see it’s really worth it:



Hypnotherapy is a healing method that is used to create unconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. It is known as a subject in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners use relaxation, imagination, direct hypnotic suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestion techniques to treat patients suffering from psychological or physical illnesses.

Memory Techniques

Memory Techniques are at the main concern of memory study and memory improvement. Human memory is terribly fallible and can be very annoying. You can hear a person’s name and forget it in very short order. A single word can be at the tip of your tongue. And whole episodes of your life can be forgotten. Fortunately there are specific methods that you can use to significantly increase what you remember.

Memory Technique

Study Techniques

Study Technique

By these techniques one can develop in better memory, more creative mind, improved character, better results, good focus and better concentration.

Student development theories focus on explaining how student change and grow over the course of student hood. Such theories center on various aspects of development including health, education, social, emotional and cognitive growth.

Confidence Building and Personality Development

This course is special designed to develop remarkable personality. Person will become centered so that person can be more intuitive when dealing with other people. Hypnotic personality development is so powerful tool to develop your personality, mind, confidence and thoughts. After this course you will develop your inner pride, confidence level and improve communication skill to better influence others.


Goal Setting and Getting

goal setting and geting

Hypnosis is a wonderful way of helping you to achieve your goals because it enables you to get your subconscious on board and in synchronize with your conscious goals. We have a range of materials like audio, video etc that can help motivate you to plan your future. Not only that, you can use to work on specific issues and to develop and expand your imagination and thereby increase your motivational capacities so you get more from your life and feel happier about your future.

Effective Time Management

Great time management can make your life great as you are spending time on what is important to you and the rest can slide.  At the other end, wasting time and not spending it wisely, is literally wasting your life.


Career Counseling


In Career counseling, we help to recognize student’s talents , subject of interest and identify their goals while working toward careers. We assist students, who often include recent college graduates and other unemployed adults, with exploring career options and searching and applying for jobs.

Effective Parenting for Parents

We understand the emotional and psychological factors that help your relationship with your children). Our parenting skill tips won’t tell you what to do. But it will help you use the awesome power of hypnosis to develop the emotional calm and strength you need to face the difficulty of raising kids. And we will help you develop the psychological understanding, flexibility and responsiveness that lead to a happier family life.


Financial and Economic Management


If you want to feel more in control of how you deal with financial matters, whether it’s to keep better control, or make more money, or get paid what you’re worth, you can really benefit from our finance and economic sessions.

We will help you clarify your goals, develop effective strategies to manage your money (and make more of it), and avoid being influenced to spend more than you really want.

Health and Diet

Eat healthy session is an hypnosis session created by psychologists experienced in the field of weight management. It is not a diet plan (you already have more than enough of those). It is a tool for ensuring that your brain can no longer be hijacked by those tempting (but detrimental) goodies without your consent.


Group Discussion and Develop Reading Habit


As a service to our visitors we maintain several discussion groups. These groups are moderated so that you can make sure that everyone is going to be nice, because no “flaming” will be allowed.

If you want to develop or improve reading habits, you have to find ways to make it repetitive, but still fun. The key in develop reading habits is to make you “not notice” that you are reading, enjoying the task and making it interesting is the best way to do that.