MidBrain / Sensory Activation

Mid Brain / Sensory Activation

‘Midbrain activation’ is a training programme to equip children to sense and feel visual properties without actually seeing them, though science educators, teachers. Mid Brain is a small part of brain that serve as a relay area of visual , auditory system information.

For Student of age group of 8 to 19 years :

  • How to enter the Genius Mind learning state.
  • Mid Brain Activation to unleash the hidden potential of children.
  • How to use the Blindfold Reading Method to study.
  • Confidence building and concentration enhancement
  • Speed Reading and Basic Mind-Mapping concept.

For age group of 20 to 55 years(The Leap)

It Is 2 days residential workshop

  • Emotional balance and stability
  • Stress relief, self and distance healing
  • Improvement of concentration, creativity and confidence
  • Balancing of the left and right brain functionality
  • Better memory retention abilities
  • Faster and sharper reading abilities, including blindfold skills
  • Better art techniques, working with colors and boundaries in picture drawings
  • Color guessing- they can know the color of objects without necessarily seeing the object